• 13:30-13:55
  • Room 1

Contribution to the improvement of quality and quantity of recycling

  • Floris Gerritsen MSc.
  • Veridis

The plastic resource transition is well underway. Plastic waste streams need to be recycled & up-cycled into the highest attainable quality to be re-used in the economy and new products. To ensure high quality when recycling plastic, minimising the mixing of different polymer types is crucial. Because, when different plastic types mix, material properties change, degrade and the value diminishes. The purer a polymer stream, the better it can be used in high-end applications and products.
The Veridis MADSCAN technology increases the value of recycling feedstock by enabling accurate insight into the composition and quality of complex material streams. As a higher quality product is more valuable, it also enables customers to ask for the optimal price for their recycled plastics.