• 14:30-14:55
  • Room 2
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Circular Plastics NL Program

  • Marc Spekreijse
  • Stichting Circular Plastics NL

• Brief session to present the Circular Plastics NL program. The goal is to make plastics fully circular and use subsidies to accelerate the transition by realizing material and process innovations and focusing on bottlenecks in different value chains to close the cycles for existing plastics.
• The program runs for eight years and has eight program lines working towards 100% circularity in 2050 and offering the Dutch economy sustainable growth opportunities.
• New materials are being developed that can replace materials that are difficult to recycle in the future. Specific cycles can be closed in showcases. In total 220M€ subsidy is expected to be made available over the next 8 years and doubled by co-financing from market parties.