• 13:30-13:55
  • Room 1

Polymer architecture - the key to combining high-performance & non-persistency in biomaterials

  • Sil Nevejans
  • B4Plastics

Since their origin, plastics have been durable lightweight materials for functional articles such as fibers, films, parts and sheets. They have merged with our lives as silent spies that commissioned prosperity without claiming anything back. If time is money, why spend a thought on such a cheap thing as plastics? So, we never checked their resources. We hardly noticed their presence. Till now – because suddenly they came back. In places they became much more remarkable than before – although much smaller. As microplastics. In our food. In our natural habitats. In our bodies. And in our anxious dreams. The new generation of plastics can be made from local renewables, produced in our own countries, understood and enjoyed by our end-users, and designed for their specific end of life.