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The Kunststoffenbeurs is the trade fair and meeting place for the entire plastics chain within the Benelux. Be inspired and surprised by current developments and surprising possibilities with plastic. Current topics such as the circular economy, sustainability, smart raw materials, new materials, cost savings, innovative production methods, product development and opportunities for smart industry.

Both on the exhibition and in the congress program, the Kunststoffenbeurs traditionally highlights current developments, challenges and opportunities. Meet product designers, tool makers, raw material suppliers, injection molding companies, extruders, vacuum generators and machine suppliers.

Since 1999 the meetings place for the entire plastic and rubber industry

What started in 1999 as a congress for rapid product development and complex injection molding products, has now become a proven concept within the plastics and rubber industry. Over 3,000 to 3,500 visitors annually visit the 275 exhibitors and the extensive conference program. Various topics during the Kunststoffenbeurs were highlighted throughout the years. Not only in the field of injection molding, but also molds, product development, machine building, raw materials, hot runners, prototyping and the arrival of software were represented.

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The opportunities with plastics for the manufacturing industry

A world without plastics is almost inconceivable. Thanks to the endless ​​possibilities and application areas, millions of plastic products are now produced around the world each day. From daily consumer products, (food) packaging to parts for machines and cars, plastic is used in almost every product.

That the applicability of plastics is enormous, does not mean that there are no opportunities for the (manufacturing) industry. The developments follow in rapid succession, as well as new optimization methods for, for example, injection molding, molds and machine construction. Moreover, innovations such as 3D-printing, where more and more types of plastic can be used, offer new perspectives. For example, when making injection molds, prototypes and as a production method for series. The Kunststoffenbeurs offers a complete overview with a focus on new materials, machines and machine building, cost-savings, optimization of production processes, product development and smart industry.

Plastics, circular economy and society: Rethink!

Plastic is used in 70% of all new inventions. Therefore, plastics play an important part in our society. Did you know that, for example, a piece of cheese packed with plastic lasts 47 days longer than non-packaged cheese? That the need for fossil raw materials is greatly reduced by the use of bio-based plastics? Or that smart plastic applications reduce CO2 emissions than other materials?

The plastics and rubber industry is continuously working on sustainability

And that is essential for the future of our planet. The Kunststoffen Fair cooperates with the Rethink program and introduces you to smart solutions and applications on circular economy. Think of re-use and recycling, the realization of CO2 reduction through more efficient production processes and smarter use of raw materials.

Rethink plastics