Innovative power, sustainability and the smart plastic production of the future

Since 1999, the Kunststoffenbeurs has been the central place where the Benelux plastics and rubber chain shares current knowledge, makes its efforts and innovative strength visible and meets annually. It is also the place where people can work together on the future-proofing of plastic. The basis is a powerful product design, smart use of (raw) materials, optimized production methods such as injection moulding, extrusion and vacuum forming and the best quality molds and tools. On the way to the future, three more components play an important role:

  • Sustainability & Recycling: discover everything about sustainability, recycling and reducting the CO² footprint at the Rethink Expo and the Rethink pavilion
  • Smart Production & Digitalization: experience smart and innovative solutions for automation, digitization, connectivity, process optimization and software on the exhibition floor, on the Machine Area and in the conference program
  • Innovation & Knowledge: meet knowledge and educational institutions, research projects, start-ups and student teams in the Knowledge and Education Hall

Discover the latest developments during the Kunststoffenbeurs and meet the most important players from the plastics and rubber world in a short time, on the exhibition floor, the Machine Area, the various theme squares and in the conference program.

Sustainability & Recycling

50% less raw material consumption in 2030 and fully circular in 2050; that is the ambition of the Dutch government for a sustainable future. As an innovative sector, the plastics and rubber industry is at the forefront of this and is continuously working on making (end) products more sustainable. For example, 30% of all plastic waste is recycled or reused, more and more plastics are biobased or biodegradable and the use of natueral raw materials such as petroleum is significantly reduced. Sustainability does not stop at the (end) product, the industry works on the entire (production) process: from energy saving in production to process optimization and the overall reduction of the CO² footprint.

Sustainability has been a permanent theme at the Kunststoffenbeurs for years

As the meeting place for the entire plastics and rubber chain, the Kunststoffenbeurs is the platform to jointly address the opportunities and challenges that sustainability entails. Due to the close collaboration with NRK, Rethink Plastics and PlasticsEurope, you as a visitor and exhibitor are assured of the latest developments and possibilities regarding this thema. In addition, be surprised by sustainable plastic applications at the Sustainability & Recycling Area (stand 366 to 396). 

Rethink Expo2

smart production2

Smart Production & Digitalization

The plastic and rubber production environment of the future requires smart, integrated and digital solutions. With automation, digitization, optimizing processes and by applying connectivity, you can win. Both in a more efficient use of raw materials and energy, but also in a faster delivery time, cost reduction and the ability to produce more flexibly. 

Smart with plastic at the Kunststoffenbeurs

The plastic production environment of the future requires multidisciplinary and chain collaboration, but also the deployment of smart minds and smart hands. The Kunststoffenbeurs is the meeting place where these professionals meet, share knowledge and exchange experiences. Discover smart solutions around digitization, automation, robotics, connectivity, process optimization and software, both on the exhibition floor, on the Machine Area and in the conference program. 

Innovation & Knowledge

The future of plastic and rubber cannot continue without innovation and knowledge sharing. Did you know that the plastics and rubber industry is one of the most innovative sectors in the Netherlands? We continuously invest in the development of energy-efficient, sustainable and user-friendly products. Moreover, this industry is one of the four sectors with its own program to implement the goals of Smart Industry (source: RethinkPlastics). Innovation and knowledge often takes place within the companies themselves, but knowledge and educational institutions, research projects and start-ups also play an essential role on the way to Future Proof Plastics. 

The Kunststoffenbeurs endorses the importance of innovation and knowledge sharing

Keeping up and making progress requires continuous movement and learning. Structural sharing of the latest knowledge and insights is essential in this respect. Collaboration and clustering in the entire chain is essential to stay ahead. The Kunststoffenbeurs therefore endorses the importance of innocation and knowledge sharing on the way to Future Proof Plastics. Knowledge and network organisations, research and science, start-ups and student teams should certainly not be missed at the Kunststoffenbeurs. This year they can be found in the special knowledge and education hall.

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