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The SDG Group: Carbon neutral compounds

  • Joeri Vanhee
  • the SDG Group

The SDG group consists of 5 companies, Beologic, Innologic, Neutrologic, Techniks and Beotool.
Each company within the SDG Group offers a partial solution to the extensive road of becoming a sustainable company.
Let us introduce you the big five of our group:

- Beologic produces carbon neutral compounds;
- For R&D, lab testing and material science, Innologic is the ideal partner;
- Neutrologic calculates the carbon footprint of your company and products;
- Industrial and customized equipment design and manufacturing is the expertise of Techniks;
- And last but not least, Beotool, specialized in process optimization and design of extrusion & injection moulding tools.

These businesses represent the essence of the SDG group’s identity.
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