• 11:45-12:10
  • Room 3 - Bosch

Designing consumer products from recycled plastics. Where to get started?

  • Thijs Feenstra
  • Pezy Group

The annual global plastics production increased from 1.5 million tons in 1950 to 348 million tons in 2018. While society has benefited tremendously from this plastics revolution, the negative environmental impacts are becoming increasingly visible. As a consequence, the European Commission adopted a Europe-wide Strategy for Plastics in the Circular Economy in January 2018. One of its targets is to “ensure that by 2025 ten million tons of recycled plastics find their way into new products on the EU market”. But how to design a product made from recycled plastics? Where to get started? Based upon the drop-in method you will learn how to implement recycled plastics and how to design a product that is fit for recycling