• 14:15-14:40
  • Zaal 20

Virtual clamping of plastic injection molded parts

  • Jochen Vander Wilt
  • GOM Branch Benelux

This autumn GOM presents a new software add-on, virtual clamping. With virtual clamping the clamping process is simulated, which makes fixtures unnecessary and minimizes error sources. The conventional clamping fixture moves the components into a forced position with the aim of simulating the assembly situation and compensating for the distortion arising from the forming process. Constructing and manufacturing clamping fixtures is expensive, as the individual fixtures are very specific and therefore relatively inflexible in terms of how and where they can be used. Manual operation also influences the accuracy of the measurement data. With the new module in the GOM software, it is now possible to calculate the clamped state of the real component in its unclamped state. It compensates part distortion mathematically, not physically.