• 15:05-15:30

Improvement of Plastics by Plasma - Hygienic and Antibacterial Properties

  • Dr. Syed Salman Asad
  • Plasmatreat GmbH
  • Ing. Paul Simons
  • TSG Group

Low temperature atmospheric plasma sources are used to modify the surfaces either by direct interaction in the form of oxidation and functionalization or by deposition of nanometric thin functional layers. In this presentation we will discuss the definition of plasma, its generation specially at atmospheric pressure, its impact on the polymeric and non polymeric surfaces, its use to deposit thin layers and its wide applications in the industry. Special attention would be paid on the development of smart coatings that can exhibit anti-bacterial and protective properties for medical and other industrial applications.
This research is part of AutoProtect, a Deutschland-Nederland Interreg V A project.