• 10:00-10:25
  • Zaal 19

Polyamide and TPE - Multi Component Parts for all Different Markets

  • Dipl.-Ing. (FH) Josef Neuer

Thermoplastic elastomers are often used in combination with polyamide. KRAIBURG TPE has developed new solutions for all following markets with polyamide adhesion. In automotive engineering, TPE is confronted with emission and odor requirements. Thermoplastic Elastomer Hybrids (TEH) are used for applications with high temperature requirements up to 120 °C and contact with oil and grease. Other fields of application are power tools, electronic housings or consumer daily life products. For the medical sector, KRAIBURG TPE has developed materials that meet requirements according to VDI regulation for Medical-grade Plastics. Flame retardant materials are a continuing and growing trend in E&E applications.