• 11:45-12:10
  • Baroniezaal

The twofold challenge of polymer sustainability: Sourcing & end-of-life

  • Dipl.-Ing. Marianne Maquet
  • Total Petrochemical and Refining on behalf of BMP Benelux BV

Total Petrochemical and Refining is tackling the challenges of sustainability by addressing the polymers’ environmental footprint on two fronts.
First, by sourcing bio-feedstock in order to produce certified bio-polymers and thus reducing the GHG-footprint across the whole resin portfolio.
Secondly, by giving a new life to polymer wastes in TOTAL Circular Compounds with high levels of recycled content for its packaging segment customers. With performance equal to or exceeding that of virgin resins, this new product range valorizes Total’s superior process and catalyst technology and actively contributes to the Circular Economy.