• 15:05-15:30

Expanding Possibilities for Co-polyesters (PET) in Injection Moulding

  • Marco Brons
  • DuFor Resins BV
  • Constant Peek
  • Ultrapolymers BV

Based on mechanicals, esthetics, transparency and cleanliness, PET is a key material for the packaging industry. However, beyond applications like “PET Bottles” & “Thermoformed packaging”, increasing opportunities for Co-polyesters exist in high performance applications.

Special Co-polyesters with improved flow enable the use in injection moulding applications were chemical resistance, mechanical performance, cleanliness or esthetic performance is required. Furthermore, the “circular economy” will reinforce the value of Polyester as it can be upcycled efficiently and brought back in highly qualified applications.    

This presentation covers different types of Co-polyesters and their specific use. The focus will be on materials suitable for injection moulding applications and the value they can bring.