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High crystal RESLEN PPX/PPHRC GF compound as an alternative for PA6 GF

  • Andrzej Jeż
  • Polimarky on behalf of Fournier Polymers BV

RESLEN PPX and PPHRC are high performing PP–based compounds with 30-50 % glass fibres that can replace PA6 GF in many applications.

The arguments for RESLEN:

* Most technical properties are in level with PA6 GF.
* It is possible to produce more parts per kg and every part will have a lower weight.
   o RESLEN compared to PA6 GF30 can give an approximately 16 % weight
* Can be used in existing moulds.
* Saves energy since it is processing at lower temperatures.
* Limited needs or completely not needed for drying before injection
* No change in dimensions - even in moist environments.