• 11:00-11:25

How to minimize your product’s carbon footprint through smart material selection

  • Henrik Palokangas

60-80% of your product’s carbon footprint is driven by your material choice.
With more than 50 years experience developing materials based on both fossil and recycled feedstock. We have analyzed our materials in a modular LCA where we can simulate and optimize your product.
We will share our insights, enabling you to optimize your carbon footprint without compromising quality nor cost.

Using the optimal virgin polymer can be better for the climate than just going for recyclates.
Based on 100 tons of material:
- replacing virgin PA6 GF15 with virgin PP GF15 would save 730 ton CO2 e
- replacing virgin PA6 GF15 with a high content recycled PA6 GF 15 would save 600 ton CO2 e