• 13:30-13:55
  • Room 1
  • Inkopers congres

Revaluing waste through circularity - By Ace & Tate

  • Femme van Gils
  • Ace & Tate

After two years of research and development, Ace & Tate will introduce its first-ever circular business
model and product. Together with Reflow, an Amsterdam-based start-up experienced in recycled plastics and 3D printing materials, Ace & Tate has revalued an abundant waste stream into new raw materials.

To secure the shape of a frame, demo lenses are put in place when a pair of glasses travel from the factory to its warehouse. When prescription lenses are put in the frame, these lenses are discarded. This waste can total up to 1200 kg’s annually, for Ace & Tate alone. By introducing a circular solution to this material Ace & Tate is diverting plastics from landfill, and keeping fossil-fuels in the ground.