• 15:30-15:55
  • Room 2

ReLFT: a new alternative for Long Fiber Reinforced Thermoplastic Composite Materials

  • Dr. Ir. Ali Rezaei
  • Brightlands Materials Center

In modern industries, sustainability is becoming a crucial factor. For instance, European Legislations will force car manufacturers to use more recyclable materials in their products. Within this view, development of proper technologies to produce high-quality and high-performance recycled materials is of utmost interest.
This presentation focuses on the concept of ReLFT* (recycled Long Fiber Thermoplastic) technology and describes its potential in serving the near-future composite materials industry. The ReLFT technology uniquely uses post-industrial or post-consumer continuous fiber-reinforced thermoplastic wastes and turns them into high-quality engineering material.

* reLFT technology is developed at BMC (Brightlands Materials Center) and during the last few years it is supported by OPZuid and its partners (EFRO, Province of Limburg and Province of Zeeland).