• 11:45-12:10
  • Baroniezaal

From discarded fridges to new (plastic) products

  • Mathilde Taveau
  • Coolrec Plastics
  • Ramon Bongers
  • Coolrec Plastics

Waste electrical and electronic equipment (WEEE) is currently considered to be one of the fastest growing waste streams in the EU, growing at 3-5 % per year (Eurostat). Recycling is one of the promoted sustainable solution when it comes to making secondary raw materials. As Coolrec Plastics, recycling and producing secondary raw materials is our daily commitment to reach a fully circular economy. How do we convert an old fridge with no apparent value into a high quality plastic? This lecture aims at presenting the crucial steps that are necessary to achieve this closed loop of plastic life and illustrates the challenges to overcome in the field.