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The use of plastic and rubber seems so obvious and that is not surprising. Plastic and rubber are used in almost all of our (consumer) items and that is why these materials play an important role in our society. The world is changing rapidly and innovations and new developments are therefore extremely important for the industry.

For over 21 years, the Kunststoffenbeurs has been the meeting place for the entire plastics and rubber industry

Kunststoffenbeurs 1999

A journey through 20 years of Kunststoffenbeurs

20 years Kunststoffenbeurs, that has to be celebrated! Over the last recent years, many innovations, products and other developments have been presented. Join us, travel through history on September 26 & 27 2018 and be surprised by the developments of the past. Not only raw materials, but also the evolution of injection molding techniques, mold making, machine building, prototyping and the arrival of software are presented.

Current developments and opportunities, both for the manufacturing industry and society

Did you know that plastics are used in with over 70% of all new inventions? The thin-walled, low weight, flexible design and durability-extending properties make the possibilities to use plastics endless. That is why plastic and rubber play an important role in our society and that this industry is one of the top three innovation industries within the Netherlands. It is precisely this enormous applicability and the large number of products that provide both opportunities and challenges. Not only for the society, but also for the manufacturing industry. Both on the exhibition and in the congress program, the Kunststoffenbeurs traditionally discusses current developments, challenges and opportunities.

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