This is Kunststoffen 2021

The Kunststoffenbeurs is the meeting place for the entire chain in the Benelux. A world without plastics is almost unthinkable. Thanks to the many possibilities and areas of application, millions of products with plastic roll off production belts worldwide every day. From daily consumer products, (food) packaging to parts for machines and cars, plastic is incorporated in almost every product.
Developments follow each other in rapid succession, as do new optimization methods for injection molding, mold and machine construction, for example. Moreover, innovations such as 3D printing, in which more and more types of plastic can be used, offer new perspectives. For example, when making injection molds, prototypes and as a production method for series. The Kunststoffenbeurs offers a complete overview with a focus on new materials, machines and machine construction, cost price savings, optimization of production processes, product development and smart industry.

This will be Kunststoffen 2021

  • Inspiring exhibition floor with 250 exhibitors
  • 3,500 visitors
  • Extensive lecture program
  • Machine and various theme squares
  • International Meet & Match
  • Various side events
  • Innovation areas

Present your company to the plastics and rubber industry!

The Kunststoffenbeurs is the most important trade fair for the entire plastics industry in the Benelux. Companies, organizations, educational and knowledge institutions that deal with the subjects below can profile themselves.
Design / product development / raw materials and materials / system integration / injection molding and extruding / vacuum forming / tool making / software & automation / machinery / rapid prototypes / analysis, simulation and testing / surface techniques
/ joining techniques / plastics processing / peripherals / recycling & circular economy.

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The Kunststoffenbeurs is the trade fair and meeting place for the entire plastics chain in the Benelux. Be inspired and surprised by current developments and surprising possibilities with plastic. Current themes such as circular economy, sustainability, smart industry, smart raw materials, new materials, cost price savings, innovative production methods, product development and opportunities for the manufacturing industry are the focus of this edition.


Measures Coronavirus

Safety always comes first for us as organizer of the Kunststoffenbeurs. We do everything we can to prevent the spread of the corona virus. To achieve this, we always follow the current Dutch Government (RIVM) guidelines and we even go one step further. We set ourselves high standards when it comes to the safety of our guests, relations and employees. Every detail has been worked out: from the moment you step in up to the moment you leave our location. In order to act proactively, we keep a close eye on current events and we are in close contact with the local security regions and the municipalities in which we operate.

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