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Companies in the plastics and rubber industry produce a wide variety of components, modules, and end products that are essential for applications in packaging, consumer products, and machinery, among others. Thanks to their unique properties, plastics offer endless possibilities in terms of color, shape, and weight. They can also be combined with other materials and used in various production techniques. This means that plastics have a significant impact and value in our society. A world without plastics is unimaginable, just as a world without a sustainable future.

During the Kunststoffenbeurs, you will discover the possibilities of plastics and rubber for sustainable product development and production

There is a growing global demand for sustainable materials and products. Innovation in the development and production of plastic products is therefore a top priority in the plastics and rubber industry. This has led to the emergence of more sustainable solutions, such as circular product design and new recycling technologies. In short, the Benelux plastics and rubber chain is making every effort to innovate and produce sustainably. And that's something to be proud of!

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Discover the Kunststoffenbeurs

Kunststoffenbeurs23 beursfoto


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