Sustainability and circularity, this isKunststoffen 2019

100% circular in 2050, this is one of the goals of the Dutch government. A lot of work has already been done to achieve this goal: the dutch are now recycling over half of all plastic packages. This makes this country leading in Europe. A good thing, because plastic is too great to throw away! The initiatives regarding reuse and sustainability are therefore growing day by day. Together with the Dutch Society of Plastics and Rubber (NRK), The Rethink Plastics program and the Dutch MVO, the Kunststoffenbeurs is showing you which value plastic and rubber adds to both society and industry

Meet key players from the plastics and rubber industry in a short time and discover the latest developments and opportunities regarding sustainability, reuse and recycling

The 21st edition of the Kunststoffenbeurs highlights current developments and opportunities on the exhibition floor as well as in the conference program. Themes which will be discussed are: circular economy, sustainability, smart raw materials, new materials, cost savings, innovative production methods, product development and business opportunities. In addition, the Kunststoffenbeurs offers you the opportunity to meet key industry players in just one day.

Knowledge sharing, networks and business opportunities with a focus on circularity

The demand for plastic products continues to rise. For example, plastic is used in 70% of all new inventions. The growth potential is promising, but it also raises questions such as: Do we opt for new or reuse? How do we use smart materials? What business opportunities does circular business offer and how do we make production processes more efficient? Collaboration and knowledge sharing plays an important role in finding the answer to these questions. The Kunststoffenbeurs is therefore the meeting place to expand your network, to share knowledge and to discover business opportunities in a short time.

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Dr. Ir. Aart Schoonderbeek

Green PAC

Erik de Ruijter

Nederlandse Rubber- en Kunststofindustrie, NRK

Ramon Bongers

Coolrec Plastics

Marloes Gerritsen MSc

MVO Nederland
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